Are Your Emails Optimized?

With more of us checking our email from mobile devices, it is vital that your message displays properly on smartphones and tablets, not just laptops. Test how your content looks on a variety of screens before going live with your campaign. Clickthroughs are hard enough to come by, so don’t make it even harder on yourself. People aren’t going to waste much time, if any, scrolling through your email looking for a link to click. Your buttons need to be clearly labeled and conspicuous.

Email marketing is an incredible tool but it isn’t the only one at your disposal. Use your other marketing channels to support your campaign. Too many people fail to integrate the various elements of their marketing strategy, keeping everything independent and compartmentalized. Remember to ping-pong. Don’t pit your channels against each other. Everything should be working together for the common goal of getting your firm noticed. Social media is an ideal way to make people aware of your email campaign.

Digital marketing gives you the ability to target the right ads to the right audience. This is one of the major advantages of new media. Make use of it. When your email deals with estate planning or elder care, you probably don’t need to push it out to the twenty- or thirtysomethings on your list. Segmentation is an age-old marketing strategy that still holds true today. Don’t waste people’s time with offers that don’t meet their needs.

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