Should You Outsource Your Social?

Use this checklist to understand the requirements to meet before outsourcing your social media management to an agency:

_________They should go out of their way to understand your business model, your customers, your overall marketing strategy, and your target market.

_________They should be passionate about the mission and vision of your company—the very purpose behind your business’ existence.

_________They should tour your business and meet your employees. They should meet your most loyal customers and/or clients if possible.

_________They should become experts on your services, because people will inevitably ask questions on social media, and they’ll expect fast, correct answers.

_________They should love your business and want it to succeed as badly as you do.

Questions to ask before choosing outsourcing:

_________Do I know anything about social media other than its popular and consumers use it a lot?

_________Do I have realistic expectations and goals for what social media can do for my business?

_________Does my business have the tools and manpower (or womanpower!) to manage social media in-house?

_________Is there anyone on staff with marketing experience, preferably digital marketing? Someone who isn’t my part-time waitress or bartender.

_________Would it make more sense to hire a part-time social media manager instead of outsourcing?

_________Do I trust an outside entity to represent and promote my products and brand?

_________Do I have time to learn and understand at least the basics of social media so I’m not blindly handing over the reins?

Social media marketing is all about developing and promoting the brand of your law firm. If you are totally unfamiliar with the workings of social media or do not have the time, outsourcing is a viable option. However, if you choose to outsource, be absolutely sure the marketers understand the core brand values of your organization, who your clients and target audience are, and what your industry is all about.

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