Facebook Live: An Analysis of Video Trends

In the past, I have written and published articles on Facebook Live. What is it? How do we use it? Does it even do anything for your viewers?

One thing I have yet to discuss is how Facebook Live is symbolic of the future of social media and the current digital trends. Videos. Are. Everything. There is no stronger way to engage with an audience than video.

The live broadcast of the fireworks at our annual deck party, 2016.

What is Facebook Live (In Case You Forgot)

Essentially, Facebook Live allows you to live stream video to your followers that they can watch live or review later. It also allows for instant engagement with a chat section in the video. Facebook is actually promoting live video posts much better than normal text or image based posts currently, so there is the opportunity to game the Edgerank system somewhat and reach more of your followers by using this live video streaming option.


No one can really explain why things go viral. There is no algorithm (yet) that allows people to create a post that gets up immediately. But looking at the trends is crucial to understanding how to effectively use each social media platform. What worked yesterday, may not be working today.

That being said, video has been the number one way to engage individuals through social media. If a picture says 1,000 words, we wouldn’t use a post with literally 1,000 words, right? Well imagine how many frames go into just a 6 second clip. That’s a lot of pictures – and a lot of words.

For small businesses it can be very complicated to produce these types of videos. Not only do you need the equipment, you also need the skill level and expertise to actually make it look professional. So how can small businesses do that? Facebook Live. When someone is watching a Live Broadcast, they are not looking for a well produced video. An individual is looking for as much information as it is happening in that moment.

To conclude, Facebook Live is the trend of today and the number one way to take your Facebook page from a strictly text and image based social platform, to one that engages users through video.

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