Creating Your Own Website

It is 2016, if you still do not have a website for your law practice, please email me right away ( Better yet, odds are if

you don't have a website, you might not even have email, so call me

315-728-9433, I'll get you setup with a site right away.

If you knew the amount of potential clients you are missing out on by not being on the internet, or not being there in the correct, you'd stop reading this blog post right now and run to get someone to setup a website.

People are using the web to search for everything and have for years. Don't

you think they're looking for lawyers the same way they look for contractors and someone to steam clean their carpets? They are. The advent of online legal directories demonstrates that the lawyers and law firms that do not have an online presence are going to be left behind in the new era of lawyer procurement searches.

To be certain, I track all incoming referrals to my law firm from all sources, and word-of-mouth and personal referrals still dominate all other categories. However, as we have built out our social media presence, and in particular since we revamped my personally-designed website, the amount of online traffic and new clients who have found us through a Google search has gone up over 400% in less than one year's time.

In deciding to open an online shop for your business, I recommend outsourcing this task to a competent web developer. There are certainly resources that can be used for developing your own website. If you are interested, I recommend using or

I built out my first law firm website using Weebly and now operate using the Wix infrastructure.

I spent entirely too much time initially learning how to format everything on my initial This site worked for me for

about the first four (4) months in practice, but using Google analytics I quickly realized that this structure was not getting me the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results that I wanted. By conducting some research, I realized that retaining a web developer and SEO specialist would be well worth a few thousand dollars of investment. With all of the time I was

investing into my digital presence, having a polished and professional web design would be imperative to my marketing efforts.

If you are interested in developing your website yourself, here is a great informational video from Weebly that will take you through all the steps for doing so.

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