Why Lawyers are Missing on Social Media

I'm open to being corrected, but I don't think I've ever seen a profession move more slowly to react to the marketplace than attorneys. Perhaps it is because we are an aging profession (the median age of an attorney is about 49), or, the fear of ethical repercussions may make us hesitant to try new things.

Whatever the case may be, social media has been around for more than a decade, and there really is no excuse in my opinion why more lawyers do not use it as a tool, both to provide information to the general public and as a marketing tool. I know from experience that many lawyers are averse to social media because they just do not understand it, and I get that. There is a portion of the population of attorneys that do not use social media personally, and so therefore it would be a leap for them to bring their practices onto social media. I've written a whole book about that topic!

What I don't really understand is the group of lawyers already using Facebook for their personal social media accounts, but do not take the time to figure out how to use a business account as a marketing tool. Facebook Ads tells me there are at least 200,000 people who identify themselves as an attorney on Facebook, which is about 15% of all attorneys in the United States. Having conducted an extensive amount of research, I can tell you there are very few of these 200,000 using social media to deploy their message to their preferred audience. The few lawyers doing it are dominating the space. This is why I am so bullish on the opportunities for lawyers to push into the social media space.

I really don't know what is holding so many attorneys back from using the social media channel of their preference to reach their clientele. I use my own law firm social media channel to provide free information to my clients and friends more than as a direct client solicitation tool, and as a result, it has turned into a great tool for my clients and friends to refer me more work because they are more knowledgeable about my practice. It is not really that complicated people! If you want to get started, download my free LinkedIn chapter from my book The Social Media Marketing Blueprint for Lawyers at the top of this page and poke around my blog for more great social media tips!

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