Use Consistent Branding

One thing we do try to be conscious of across our web presence is the use of consistent branding. What I mean is that I have developed a certain theme across my law firm branding around the color "orange." It might be because my alma mater Syracuse University College of Law, and my hometown, but we try to be consistent in selecting images that have orange in them. It doesn't always work out perfectly, and it isn't a deal-breaker for me, but if I can work it in, I will. Consistency is key.

Here are some examples:

That is not to say this always works like a charm. I don't have a huge staff and we don't have a graphic designer on our team full-time. Sometimes we have to produce images and make-do with what we can create on our own, and it has to be okay. We always produce professional looking content, but it doesn't always look as smooth as if we were Nike or Adidas. Nor should it. You are most likely a small business, people like some hokey-ness or down-home feel with their small businesses. Makes them feel real American, and what not.

Rather than adopt a militant approach to colors and fonts, what I am more concerned about is consistent branding of the things your firm cares about. As an elder law attorney, I am deeply focused on families. So for me, a lot of my messaging focuses on families, children, parents, grandparents and the

relationship between them. This is something we pay a lot of attention to, but something that will also differ based on your particular practice area.

For example, we implemented the #whatmattersmost campaign in order to consistently promote our mission of "protecting everything that matters to you." These social media posts promote and reinforce our brand's focus on families.

Here are some examples from our #whatmattersmost Instagram campaign:

Here is an example from our #whatmattersmost Facebook video campaign:

If you are facing challenges in developing a consistent brand image, email me at and I'll generate some branding ideas for you.

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