How to Turn Negative Comments into a Golden Opportunity

How we identify a winner for our contests and giveaways is always fun. Sometimes we select a random winner and other times we allow our users to choose a winner by picking the person whose entry or comment has the most likes as of a certain time.

This has never been an issue, except for the one time I was traveling and not in front of my computer when a contest ended. I was in my car driving to New York City for a conference when our Syracuse t-shirt contest ended, the one with 22,812 people who saw it. I had two people in my

office, my assistant and my brother, watching the clock and the entries because there were two contestants who were in a virtual deadlock as we approached the Noon deadline. At 12:00:00, one contestant went 1 like ahead of the runner-up.

Mayhem ensued.

The runner-up called foul, and of course, we were sure that we picked the right winner because we had screenshots demonstrating the like totals. The runner-up in that contest was pretty frustrated and vented on our page a little bit. This is one of the risks that comes with more exposure. But you know what? I want these kind of problems.

How did I resolve it? We gave away a second place prize that was just as good (if not better) than first prize. We took a critic and turned him and his friends into raving fans.

Always address negative comments efficiently and effectively. By doing so, you can turn a negative situation into a golden opportunity for your firm.

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