Don't Be Afraid to Write Longer Posts

Many people think all it takes to receive huge Instagram engagement are beautiful pictures and relevant hashtags. Utilizing both of these strategies will increase your engagement, but don't feel like you are confined to just

pictures and hashtags. Some of the most engaging posts on Instagram contain long-form written content. Followers are automatically drawn in to long-form written content because it is so rare to encounter on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Indeed, one of my favorite narrative posts on Instagram is

the one where I announced the release of my forthcoming book, "The Social Media Marketing Blueprint for Lawyers." I wrote a couple paragraphs about the book and my reasons for writing it. This post in particular received high levels of engagement:

This shows that some of the most engaging Instagram posts contain paragraphs, not just hashtags. Think about it like this: the use of certain hashtags gain you access to a certain audience, but what you do with the text and image in your post is how you retain that audience. Your posts either have to contain such a marvelous image that followers will want to keep coming back, or the content will have to provide something of value to them to earn their engagement.

For example, Caroline Calloway, 23, has attracted Internet fame because her Instagram account doesn't just feature interesting photos, but a couple hundred words of prose with each post. She writes about her own life, telling her story as someone who moved from New York City to England to study at Cambridge, and about her romance with Oscar, her charming neighbor on campus-turned-boyfriend.

Calloway's use of personal storytelling and a combination of images with long-form text create a social media profile that garners lots of attention and engagement.

As lawyers, we tell stories all the time. Applying the concepts we learned from Calloway and using long-form text can help us achieve success on social media.

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