Engage With Local Businesses

By forming strategic and thematic partnerships with local businesses, you will be able to not only grow your social media presence, but you will very likely be able to grow your practice (especially if you do any kind of corporate or business-related work).

Recently, our team at The Marrone Law Firm took a field trip to Urban Life Athletics, a local Syracuse-based Crossfit gym. Our team participated in a 45-minute spin class and documented our experience on social media.

This represents the classic example of tag-teaming with other brands to

cross-promote products and services and to reach new customers who might

not currently be following your brand on Instagram.

Urban Life Athletics and our law firm both received benefit from our field trip. We supported a local Syracuse business and gave our followers a behind the scenes look at our firm engaging with the local community and having fun.

As well, we also received free publicity from Urban Life Athletics, who posted about our participation in their spin class to their social media accounts.

Some of our own employees shared their experience taking the spin class to their personal social media accounts, which expanded our post's reach even further.

If you spend some time following other business Pages from your own and interact and engage with those businesses, you will build a community that is thriving for small businesses to grow and expand your following on social media. This is what I refer to as your "Social Media Clique" and it is imperative to build one if you want to thrive as a small

business owner on any social media platform.

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