How to Create Powerful Visual Content Without a Professional Photographer

The use of powerful visual imagery will be rewarded on any social media platform. It is just that simple. The problem many lawyers have, at least the problem I have, is how to I take what happens in my office on a daily basis and make it beautiful. We don't have any professional photographers on staff, and we're really just moving a lot of paper around. This is where you need to get creative. One of the campaigns that has worked best for our office has been a "meet the staff" style of post where we have a couple of pictures of staff members, combined with a 100-150 word write-up of the staff member and their passions and hobbies outside of the office:


These were all put together using Canva, so they are not beyond the reach of your average Instagram neophyte. You really have a lot of options for powerful visual imagery if you think about it. If you ever go to court, you are probably around beautiful architecture, if you are meeting with clients you may be dressed snazzy, and odds are you go to work in a decent-looking office that may photograph well.

When all else fails, grab some stock, royalty-free photos and head to Canva and you can build some decent motivational images or, my personal preference, use them to build tips and tricks. I like something like this:

Canva is a free and easy to use graphic design tool that can be used on your desktop, iPad or any other electronic device. Using a graphic design tool is a great way to easily create more professional and engaging visual images for little to no cost.

Creating powerful visual content is within your reach. By implementing these ideas into your social media platforms, you will develop images that will captivate the attention of your followers.

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