Social Media Tip: Interact With Your Followers

One of the biggest mistakes marketers make on Facebook is not interacting with their followers. Interaction takes on many forms, but above all else it must not be forced or come off as phony. Simply liking and commenting on your follower's own status updates will go a long way to increasing their engagement with your posts.

If you spend some time following other business Pages from your own and interact and engage with those businesses Pages, you will build the community that is thriving for small businesses to grow and expand their following on social media. This is what I refer to as your "Social Media Clique" and it is imperative to build one if you want to thrive as a small business owner on Facebook or any social media platform.

One of the major things we like to do is make sure that we have some engagement or interaction with every follower who comments or likes any of our status updates to our Facebook page. We try to advance the narrative that we are building on social media by engaging in a conversation embedded within the thread of any particular post.

Spend some time, even if it is only once or twice a week, engaging with the people who are taking time out of their day to engage with your content on social media. It will pay huge dividends.

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